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We have been providing direct information system consulting since 1995.

Here are a few examples of business settings or situations where we have provided system consulting services:

  • Computer systems are outdated and need to be updated to leverage new technologies and capabilities.
  • Networks need to be established to maximize productivity and profitability.
  • An existing business is moving to a new location or expanding.
  • A new business is being established in one or more location.
  • In-house technology staff (or an I.T. staff member) is no longer present and immediate technical help is needed.


The 4 primary SYSTEM CONSULTING areas where we provide service are:


We move through a disciplined process of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces and data needed for a system to satisfy specified requirements. This includes identifying items such as:

  • How the building (housing the systems) is constructed and will be occupied.
  • Where internet connection(s) will be coming in.
  • What phone systems will be utilized.
  • If files will need to move between multiple locations.
  • If data will need to be mirrored between multiple locations.
  • What back-up methods will be used.
  • What disaster protocols need to be established.
  • How systems will be updated and made easy to maintain.
  • How systems will be monitored and made secure.

Our clients range from business leaders who have a strong understanding of system design to those that have a limited understanding. We meet our clients where they are and adjust our process to help them understand all of their options.


Our extended experience has shown us time and again that system planning is a critical step that needs to take place before actual system implementation. We have encountered a number of situations where appropriate planning was not done and led to slow systems causing significant frustration and impediments to a business.

When we provide this service, we take the system design specifications and move them into a detailed timeline and work plan. Included in this planning is identifying and recommending equipment, determining how long each stage of the work process will take, estimating costs, and several other dominant steps in the implementation process.


System implementation is dynamic project management overseeing the actual installation. When we provide this service, we focus our efforts on keeping everyone on the same page working together cohesively and often handle the ordering of equipment. We schedule and hold regular meetings, document progress, provide updates, troubleshoot issues, and revise the work plan when unexpected conditions arise. When providing service to a local company, we also often receive equipment and deliver equipment once we have confirmed that everything is in working order.


Once system infrastructure is established it is important that it be properly maintained and updated. As such, many of our clients elect this service. To conduct this process, we provide proactive services that include regular touchpoints (at minimum once a month) that allow to us ask questions and watch for needs before they become problems. We are adept at monitoring equipment and performance, asking the right questions and preventing unnecessary issues that would otherwise compromise a business.