Real support. Real people. Real experience.


Optimize your technology to increase productivity and profitability


Eliminate the frustrations of system down-time and fragmented connectivity


Protect your system infrastructure and business data


Access real support from real people with real experience


Custom-fit your business with technology designed around you

At Michigan Broadband Systems, we understand the importance of technology and how it helps businesses…

  • Create cohesive work teams, no matter their physical distance
  • Establish strong technical foundations that give a new company lift-off
  • Protect the interests of many as though they were one
  • Produce long-term, meaningful working relationships built on trust

After participating for nearly two decades in the fast-changing world of business technology, creating successful connections has become the lifeblood of our company.

Our clients are business people who need to be able to focus on their business and are seeking a deeper level of experience and expertise. Some are large companies and some are small. While some are local with a single office, more are local with multiple locations. They come to us with varying needs – from system consulting to network development to basic system/network protection and maintenance. They understand that our business model is designed to be direct, personable and focused whether it is 10 am on a Monday morning or 10 pm on a Saturday night.

Our client contacts range from business owners to department heads to I.T. professionals. In every case they know that we will speak to them and work with them at the level best aligned to their specific needs. We are highly sensitized to the importance of communicating effectively and have seen the detrimental impact of technology that is down, poorly designed and/or poorly connected. We also know that our clients don’t want (and often can’t) spend extended amounts of time and resources chasing technology problems and figuring out how to maintain or expand their technology infrastructure.

Within our site, you will see that we serve as system consultants (including design, planning, implementation and maintenance), networking technology experts (in wireless, remote, global and local networking environments) and in providing managed services designed to protect and support systems large and small. We are able to handle and support proprietary software, understand and write code, as well as, support “plug and play” software. Our significant experience gives us the ability to serve as a primary or adjunct technology expert to your business.

We encourage you to contact us to learn how we can help you and your company… because, we truly do understand the importance of connections.